Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Biographical Information

As a black female artist, I like to explore the psychological and social impact of racism, sexism, injustice and ignorance as it relates to black women and women in general. I believe that our beliefs and our prejudices are passed on from one generation to another. The wedding dress to me is a symbol of the beginning of a family.
      I like to play with colors seeing how far I can take them and still keep the work believable.  Vivid color is essential in any of my work. I use a brilliant palette – blues, purples, bright greens, red and pinks.  It is my intention to create a mood or atmosphere with this use of color.  Figures and groups of people dominate most of my compositions.    I like to draw upon the life and culture of Black people, not just Americans, but Blacks all over the world.  I want to leave the viewer asking questions about the subjects in the composition and finding answers based on their own experiences

Marvette Pratt Aldrich received a BA in Art Education and a MA in Educational Media from North Carolina Central University, and an MFA in studio art from The University of North Carolina At Greensboro.

Installation: JUST SKIN: Skin Color Prejudice Among Blacks

2005 Installation at Delta Arts Center in Winston-Salem, NC

Word Wall - What do we call ourselves?